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Tell me a little about how it all began. What sparked the interest in building this wedding venue?


The idea of Firefly Gardens began back in 2014. My mother, Jan Smith, Brother, Dennis Smith, and myself were sitting around and discussing what we would enjoy doing as careers if we could choose and we all discussed about the idea of a wedding venue. From that point, we moved forward in finding real estate. Dennis was the one that found this lovely piece of property. From the moment we signed the contract to purchasing the property, the ideas poured out.



 What would you say makes Firefly Gardens different from all of the other DFW wedding venues?


Firefly Gardens is unique because it offers so much. With its convenient location, all white structure, breathtaking views, you feel like you are in country, but yet so close to the Metroplex. At Firefly Gardens we do one event a day, so each client receives the attention they deserve.


 Wedding venues tend to book super fast. How far in advance would you recommend brides book Firefly Gardens for their wedding day?


We recommend that Brides book as soon as possible. We have already started booking for 2024 and 2025.


When brides book Firefly Gardens, what comes with their package?


We offer three “No Hidden Fees” packages.

All packages include:
set up and break down of the furniture, choice of 42 colors of polyester floor length tablecloths, choice of 42 colors of polyester napkins, 15 hour rental( 9am till midnight), round or rectangle tables, indoor and outdoor seating,
security officer or officers for up to 5 hours, certified bartender or bartenders for up to 5 hours, 2 hour photo session for engagement or bridal portraits(use their own photographer), clean up after event, open vendor policy, and they may provide their own beverages.


 About how many people can Firefly Gardens Accommodate?


Firefly Gardens accommodates 250 occupants.


 What’s one interesting fact about Firefly Gardens?


Firefly Gardens is a family owned business whom take pride of ownership, and will strive to no end to make sure every bride's special day is amazing!


What is your favorite thing about owning and managing Firefly Gardens?

When the Bride makes her entry to the ceremony, the grooms face is amazed at such beauty. To be able to witness that and two people unite as one, is such an amazing blessing.







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