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Things To Do In Midlothian, Texas

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

A wedding is single handedly one of the most important events in one’s life. The planning of the monumental moment is a strong task. The venue sets the tone, making the decision even more crucial. With hot, humid summers and cool winters, the northeast rural countryside stretches only 25 miles southeast of Dallas and Fort Worth. Midlothian, Texas offers a one-of-a-kind outdoor wedding venue with plenty of activities to do.

TexPlex Park

TexPlex Park is the perfect place to let off some wedding planning steam in its wide spaces and ample amount of room. The offroad park provides a lot of different tracks for varying vehicles: UTV, motorcycle, motocross, Trophy Trucks, ATV, Kids bikes, RC Cars, Jet Boats and a full-scale Supercross track frequented by pro-riders. Weddings are clean classy events, the TexPlex Parks is a mindless way to spend a day with activities fun for all ages.

Crescent Yoga Studio is another way to let off wedding stress. The studio offers 18 classes per week, morning and evening classes.

Munster Mansion

Midlothian, Texas is surrounded by booming areas. In the neighboring town of Waxahachie, sits the Munster Mansion. The Munster Mansion is a replica house of the 60s sitcom “The Munsters”. Most of the items in the house are from the show and if not, they have been crafted to appear as an exact match. The mansion was fully based on the tv show footage. Even those who are not familiar with the show will be impressed and in awe.

Cassaro Winery

Cassaro Winery combines Italian traditions with 100% homegrown Texas wine. Enjoy the atmosphere of the beautifully renovated farmhouse amidst the garden wedding theme. The array of wine includes Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Albarino, Pinot Noir, Moscato and more. Cassaro provides the perfect drink selection for your perfect barn wedding venue in Midlothian, Texas. Or simply provide a fun-filled night out to bask in delicious red wine and live music entertainment.

The Western Kountry Klub

The Western Kountry Klub is the definition of old-fashioned Texas. The Klub appeared in the 1992 film, Pure Country, which should make it one of Texas’ historic dance halls. The embodiment of great old Texas is all hidden away in this Midlothian gem. A spot that packs on the family fun and will leave you with a warm feeling as the old school country music takes over your soul.

Close Proximity to DFW

Being close to Dallas and Fort Worth, Midlothian, Texas has their amenities at your disposal

including the Dallas Brew Bus, which is a guided bus tour of local breweries providing you with endless amounts of cold, fresh, fantastic beer and good food. For men of the wedding party, it would be an amusement of a lifetime.

Midlothian, Texas is a place overflowing with southern charm supplying an ample amount of things to do with DFW located only 30 minutes away. You’re able to get the true country feel but still have the hustle and bustle of a city at your fingertips. Midlothian wedding venues are breathtakingly beautiful, leaving their guests captivated by the sweet southern hospitality.

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