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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the rental time for the day of event?

9 am to midnight; 15 hour rental.


2. What does the rental fee include?

Amenities listed in brochure (given in the tour folder & by email)


3. What is excluded from rental fee?

All of our amenities included are listed in the brochure & covered in the contract.


4. Is there a possibility of any additional charges before or after event?

The only additional fee that may incur is if the client chooses to upgrade for linens or bartending/security services.


5. Is there a setup, break down or cleaning fee?

 No, these are all included in the total cost.



6. What do we need to clean/pack ourselves?

Your vendors take everything they brought in. You are responsible for packing and taking your personal items with you. As for cleaning, we take care of all of it.


7. What time do we need to start packing before we leave?

We recommend 11 pm; this will give you 1 hour for packing all your items.

8. How much setting up does the venue do?

All tables and chairs indoors and outdoors. Linens will be placed once set up of tables is confirmed.

9. If number of guests changes day of, will venue put out more tables/chairs?

 We set up according to your designed floor

plan in the morning, if guest changes, we need to be informed as soon as possible, preferably a week in advance. The staff member will assist the day of to make any necessary changes.



10. How does bartending  and security work at the venue?

You may bring in your own alcohol. We will supply the amount of bartender(s) and security officer(s), as per contract for up to a maximum of 5 hours for the host of wine and beer.  If the client chooses to host up to two liquors, and their guest count exceeds the Texas law of guest ratio (1 bartender, 1 officer per 75 guests), the client will be responsible for the additional bartender(s) and security officer(s) fee. The venue will provide the liquor liability insurance that covers the event.


11. What is the deposit?

 25% of the package of choice.


12. When is full payment due?

45 days prior to event date


13. How many other events booked on our day?

Absolutely none. We host 1 event a day, you are provided with our full attention and complete privacy.

14. Cost of table linens?

 We provide polyester floor length table cloth linens and our new packages include polyester napkins. You may choose to upgrade for an additional cost.

15. Can we use any caterer we want?


16. Any limitations on what the caterer can do on-site?

 Yes, No open fire

cooking i.e. Fryers, gas, or grill. Sternos are allowed for warming.


17. Policy on alcohol?

Alcohol must be served by our TABC certified bartenders. We allow unlimited types of beer, unlimited types of wine, and up to two types of liquor. 


18. Policy on site visits?

 You have unlimited site visits, we just ask that you make an appointment so we can give you our full attention for any questions or details you may have.


19. Size of reception room?

 80L x 40W



20. Number of people that can be accommodated?

250 is the maximum occupancy.



21. Is there staff on site the day of my wedding?

 Yes, there is 1 staff member for the full 15 hour rental



22. Parking for guests?

 Yes, we ask that all bridal party and vendors to park at house to reserve parking lot for guest only.

We have 3 handicap parking spots in front of hall.



24. How many restrooms are there and where are they?

2 Public restrooms are just off the reception hall and the bridal &

groom suite each have a private in-suite restroom.



25. Does the venue service the restrooms and trash during the event?

Yes, every thirty minutes and of course, as

needed or requested.


26. Plans for day of event in case of bad weather?

 We do not have a flipping team, client is responsible for providing that service.

The 1 staff member on site will help assist in the flip.


27. How much is the damage deposit and when is it due?  

$1,000.00; it is due 45 days prior to the event date. The security deposit is not charged unless there is damage done during the rental. This requires a credit card to be placed on file.



28. What days do you schedule the 2- hour photo sessions?

Any available date before the event date.



29. Do you require wedding cancelation insurance?

No, however we strongly encourage it.



30. Any overnight accommodations nearby or onsite?

There are no overnight accommodations at venue but there is

local lodging that will provide our clients with a discount, listed below  is the contact information:



Courtyard by Marriott


Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton

​Comfort Suites


​Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott

*​31. Do you allow open flame candles?

No.  Firefly Gardens only allows LED candles. 

32. Is there a contract signed to guarantee my date and all policies?

Yes. You will receive an email copy within the next business day after executed.


33. Any restrictions for photographer?

The requirements for the photographer and the videographer is that they have to sign the agreement formed by Firefly Gardens and provide a copy of their insurance.


34. Can draping be hung from the ceiling or does it need to be stand alone?

No. Nothing may be nailed, taped or otherwise affixed to the walls, fixtures, floors , ceilings or entrances (interior and exterior)No nails, screws, staples, or sticky residue. We allow command strips only.


35. Are there any decorating limitations?

 We have very few restrictions and they are related to fire, permanent damage,

staining of the stone & concrete walkways, and excessive cleanup. We allow command strips only.



36. Can we use real or fake flowers for tossing anywhere we want?

 Yes and No. You can use real or faux inside. Outside flower petals are to be real. 

Light-colored petals only for inside and outside.

        The dark petals have dyes in them that stain our floors

& concrete walkways. This does not pertain to any floral arrangements or bouquets.



37. Number of tables and their sizes?

 We have 28- 60 inch rounds, 35-6 ft x 29.5 inch rectangles,

 and 3-4 ft x 2 ft rectangles

10-cocktail 32 inch by 4 ft tables

1 outdoor bar


38. How do we give you the desired floor plan?

We email you a hall plan(s) for your guest count provided by the client when the contract is executed. We will customize the plan to fit the clients needs.



39. Staging area for caterer and other vendors to utilize?

Yes, we have a staging kitchen. All food must come cooked prior to arrival at the venue


40. How many outlets are available?

 Everywhere. Plenty to support any event.



41. Best time of day for ceremony with lighting?

We recommend to google your date and check for the sunset time.


42. Shuttle service for close hotels?

Yes, but the shuttle service is an additional cost. The hotels in the area do not provide shuttle service, but we have a shuttle recommended vendors.


43. Are pets allowed?

We allow pets for ceremony only.

Once ceremony is completed, the pet or pets must be kenneled or removed from the property.

44. Do you allow smoking on premises?

Yes but in designated area only. City ordinance is 25 feet away from any structure.

45. Do you have high chairs available?

 Firefly Gardens does not have high chairs available.

46. Are there any additional fees for the use of the outdoor heaters?

No, we currently have  4 outdoor heaters that the client may use for no additional fee.

47. Do you allow Fireworks?

We do, however an insured Pyrotechnics company is required.

Firefly Gardens has to receive the contractors insurance and all permits from state and local departments.  



48. How far in advance would you recommend brides book

Firefly Gardens for their wedding day?

We recommend that brides book as soon as possible.

We have already started booking for 2024 and 2025.


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