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Wedding Hair and Makeup

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

It’s your big, special day and you deserve to feel like the most beautiful bride in the world.

You should always feel confident, but your wedding is the one day with no exceptions, comparisons, or hair and makeup disappointments.

Besides, all of those wedding photos are irreplaceable, and likely to get a lot of exposure and love from friends and family on social media.

Doesn’t a personal glam squad sound like a dream?

Well, it’s about to be a dream come true.

Firefly Gardens in Midlothian TX always strives to make our brides, grooms and guests as comfortable and entertained as possible.

At Firefly Gardens, we have high expectations for ourselves, which is why we always go above and beyond yours to ensure an unforgettable evening, for everyone.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists

Every bride expects her bridal hair and makeup to be flawless.

Getting to a flawless destination requires an experienced artist(s) who can transform you into the beautiful bride you always were.

Every bride has their own sense of elegance, too.

Not all wedding hair and makeup styles or artists are going to match every bride.

It’s important to find a bride whose design style matches you.

Firefly Gardens in Midlothian TX ensures that our bridal parties and guests are always accommodated to the fullest.

We have listed two of our most remarkable, wedding hair and makeup artists that our brides have enjoyed, relied on and used in the past.

Check out to see what they have to offer:

Moralesgal Wedding Hair and Makeup: Kassandra Morales

If you’re looking for an impressive wedding hair and makeup artist who has been certified by (the one and only) Kim Kardashians’ makeup artist, then Morales Gal is the stylist for you.

We are talking big hair, voluptuous curls and a cat-eye you can spot from across the room.

Kassandra Morales has a fabulous website where you can learn about her background, skills, career, makeup classes and more.

Morales Gal’s site is filled with tons of before and after photos, that’ll help you gauge whether or not her creative wedding styles are right for you:

Photos of the artist herself:

Jones Beauty & Co: Brittany Jones

An individualized, beauty service whose team tailors all wedding hair and makeup styles around what you want, welcome to Jones & Co.

If we could describe Brittany Jones’ work with one word, it would – elegant.

Her makeup style is light, dreamy and designed to bring out your true beauty with the help of a few brushes and strokes.

Her wedding hair creations are very romantic and tousled, as if she tried hard not to make the hairs perfectly perfect.

Pairing relaxed, voluminous, beachy waves with a soft makeup look is Brittany's signature.

Jones Beauty & Co’s hair and makeup designs are rustic, yet charming.

Bridal Hair and Makeup

Every bride expects her bridal glam to be everything that they’ve ever dreamed of.

There are so many Midlothian TX wedding hair and makeup artists who you have to choose from, but Firefly Gardens hopes that we made the choice a little easier for you.

Feel free to reach out to any of the artists that we mentioned, we promise that they are responsive and friendly!

If you have any further questions regarding wedding hair and makeup, contact Firefly Gardens on our website or at 214.399.5129.

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